Herschell Gordon Lewis, USA, 1968, Arrow Films, Cult

“Plays like John Waters’ mash-up of THE COMPUTER WORE TENNIS SHOES and WEIRD SCIENCE” -- Drew Phillips, Letterboxd

In-between foundational crimson-soaked horrors like TWO THOUSAND MANIACS and THE WIZARD OF GORE, Florida movie maven Herschell Gordon Lewis directed many cute softcore sex comedies -- including this rare 1969 trip down a proto-VR reality rabbit hole.

“A nerdy professor named Dr. Percy Corly teaches a sex ed class, even though he’s still a virgin. (The narrator says, ‘When it came to girls, he was still in kindergarten!’) He drives a car that’s a cross between a VW Beetle and a Radio Flyer wagon, still lives with his nagging mother and is a big time loser. Tired of not getting any, he builds a giant computer that produces beautiful women out of thin air. Things get off to a rough start when the computer first spits out a cotton-tailed rabbit in place of a ‘real life bunny’, and a gay-panic poster child for effeminate homosexuals. Third time’s the charm as the machine produces a sexy chick who says ‘I am programmed to love only Dr. Corly’!” Credit goes to H.G. for creating the concept of virtual reality sex twenty five years before Skinemax made it chic.” -- The Video Vacuum

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  • 81 mins
  • Color
  • 1.37:1


  • DCP