Lawrence Crowley & William Miller, USA, 1975, Vinegar Syndrome, Cult

“An example of the sort of fortean documentaries that thrived in the ‘70s, like a more low-key version of the Sunn Classic Pictures output of the time. It follows a diverse group of Bigfoot enthusiasts varying from microbiologists to self-described ‘Sasquatch researchers,’ though the filmmakers are careful to tread a thin line in treating the subject of their exploration as real or not.

The key instigator is Robert W. Morgan, one of the best-known researchers in the field and writer of the ‘Bigfoot Observer’s Field Manual.’ (He also wrote and directed the grimy drive-in pic BLOODSTALKERS!) Resembling Ben Kingsley in SEXY BEAST and occasionally emitting that level of intensity, Morgan talks candidly about the personal encounter he had with the beast in 1957, and how his quest to verify its existence has become his life.

We meet Mike, a survivalist who spends five days and comes back with some vague stories of maybe seeing something. We hear from a group of loggers, who claim to have seen a “big black glob” watching them. Human-like footprints are examined and cast, and a few local folks that don’t seem to be all that bright talk about their own interactions with the creature, including one who talks about playing catch with the Sasquach as a child!” (Daily Grindhouse)

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  • 75 mins
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • DCP