Mark S. Bosko & Wayne A. Harold, USA, 1991, Troma, Horror

“A perfectly executed premise of such outrageous originality that it’s amazing no one had thought of doing it before.” - Bill Gibron, DVD Verdict

It’s every jock’s greatest fear; the nerd you teased in high school is back for REVENGE! Harold Kunkle is that nerd. Teased and taunted by even the papergirl, he is pushed beyond his meek limits, transforming him into the Killer Nerd! You’ll be mortified when you witness Harold’s bizarre and horrifying ritual of retribution! You’ll be astounded at how a man so dorky can embark on such an orgy of gore! You'll go brain dead at the horrifying spectacle of nerd rage! Starring Toby Radloff, the self-proclaimed “Genuine Nerd” made famous by AMERICAN SPLENDOR, this 1990s shot-on-video favorite is now available to give your audience a wedgie of fear!

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  • 90 min
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • DCP