Mark and John Polonia, USA, 1991, Sub Rosa Studios, Horror

“This is a full blown Halloween party of gore, puke, spookhouse sounds, demons, monster masks, a missing cat, a killer baby, and the love shared between brothers.”
— JoshUnderwood, LETTERBOXD

Is this even real?! After a few years in the shot-on-video trenches, teenage terror twins Mark and John Polonia (SPLATTER FARM) decided to grab a Super 8 camera in 1991 and produce LETHAL NIGHTMARE — a shot-for-shot remake of HALLUCINATIONS, their epic debut in the SOV trash-horror sweepstakes. As three brothers of different backgrounds and different frames of mind grow apart, their fears grow rabid and real! Will the terror ever, ever stop?! Dreamy, experimental, and filled with gross-out gags, LETHAL NIGHTMARE might be the most essential remake in horror history.

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  • 63 mins.
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • DCP