Joe Giannone, USA, 1981, Vinegar Syndrome, Horror

“MADMAN takes the story-told-around-a-campfire ethos of the first few FRIDAY THE 13TH movies and elaborates it into a full autumnal aesthetic of leaves crackling underfoot, cinders flying away up into the darkness, orangey lantern glow, a lot of creeping around in unwise fashion, supremely burnished indirect lighting, wood-paneling and almost completely random axe-murder.” -- Nathaxnne Walker, Letterboxd

Years ago, Madman Marz violently murdered his family only to escape into the woods before his execution could be completed. Legend has it anyone who calls his name above a whisper can summon him back to continue his bloody rampage…

But teenage Richie, away at camp, doesn’t believe the old legend and calls his name. What a schmuck! As night falls, strange things start happening at camp and soon Madman Marz is back, axe in hand, to finish the killing spree he started decades ago.

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  • 89 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • 4K DCP