J.R. Bookwalter, USA, 1995, Tempe Video, Horror

"A dreamy descent into Cronenberg-esque madness."
— Barry Meyer, FILM THREAT

Eddie Boone (James Black) is a cop with problems. Namely, his city is overrun with zombies, his partner has gone missing, and he was recently injected with a new street drug called Ozone. Is Boone doomed, or is he just a pawn in the plans of the mysterious cult known as the New Order?! Written and directed by home video trailblazer J.R. Bookwalter (THE DEAD NEXT DOOR), OZONE is the action-horror-peyote wonderland of your wildest dreams . . . and the most ambitious shot-on-video movie of the 1990s. Dropping somewhere between HELLRAISER, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, and bronze age X-MEN comic books, OZONE is chock-full of rubber beastoids, hallucinogenic visuals, and inspiring DIY spirit -- everything you need out of life.

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  • 83 min.
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • DCP