Cliff Roquemore, USA, 1977, Xenon Pictures, Cult

“RomANCE without finANCE is a damn nuisANCE!” Splitting off from his “Dolemite” persona, rap pioneer / stand-up legend Rudy Ray Moore is once again the titular hero whose talent for comedy is only topped by his lumpy gift for martial arts. Added to the mix: Chitlin’ Circuit duo Leroy and Skillet, who easily deserve their own spot in the WTF? Hall Of Fame.

When his comedy arch rivals massacre him, Petey ends up in Hell and is given a unique opportunity: in exchange for his return to earth, he must wed Satan's daughter. Trouble is, she's the ugliest woman he's ever seen! Will Petey be able to defeat Satan with his magic pimp cane, or will he be forced to become the Devil's son-in-law?

“The missing link between Ed Wood and Jamaa Fanaka. DOLEMITE was a mixture of lots of genres hot in blaxploitation: action, kung fu and comedy. PETEY WHEATSTRAW adds another element everyone was crazy about: The Devil. Wait until you see Petey using the Devil’s magic to turn men into dogs and make fat women skinny! Or when he tricks the Devil by dressing up a wino with Petey’s face (don’t ask).” -- The Video Vacuum

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  • 94 mins
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP