Raphael Nussbaum, USA, 1973, Vinegar Syndrome, Cult

“Unpredictable and never less than totally engaging, it's a perverse, sexy little jewel that's fun to revisit every few years.” -- Mondo Digital

A truly unparalleled exploitation film experience, Raphael Nussbaum’s PETS veers between moments of overwrought melodrama and jarring bouts of unhinged sleaze. Newly restored from rare 35mm elements!

Teenage runaway Bonnie (Candice Rialson) has escaped the clutches of her controlling brother, only to become embroiled in a twisted web of sexual manipulation. Convinced to aid in a carjacking, Bonnie is taken in by a lecherous lesbian artist who hopes to groom her into a sapphic lover -- only to be thwarted by the perverse advances of a local gallery owner whose proclivities include keeping an unusual assortment of “pets”...

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  • 102 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP