Don Coscarelli, USA, 1979, AGFA, Horror

“One of the most beloved horror movies of its era, precisely because it's so different.” -- L.A. Times

“PHANTASM is better experienced than explained...its big scares work because they seemingly continue to emerge from a writer’s feverish subconscious, one racked with dread and confusion.” -- Empire Magazine

“Don Coscarelli‘s horror masterpiece isn’t just creepy, funny and wildly entertaining – it’s weird. Deeply weird. Endearingly weird. Weird on the kind of wavelength that you really don’t see very often. And it’s a wavelength that many horror fans seem to be right in tune with.” -- Slash Film

“Inventive DIY horror with a berserk plot involving homicidal space midgets, heroic ice-cream men, flying spheres which drill into the brain and of course the terrifying Tall Man.” -- Time Out

4K restoration! At only 23 years old, Don Coscarelli wrote, produced, directed, shot and edited his magnum opus -- one that’s truly withstood the test of time, and has influenced many successive generations of filmmakers. Phantasm deftly mixes gothic horror, sci-fi, surrealism and a killer prog rock score together in a grief-ridden adolescent fever dream that horror fans have never stopped worshipping.

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  • 88 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP