Peter Wittman, USA, 1983, Troma, Horror

“Unquestionably the best 'evil dog' movie ever produced by a construction company." -- Jason Coffman, LETTERBOXD

Hester Ramsey (Yvonne De Carlo, THE MUNSTERS) lives in a cavernous old house with Greta, her pet Rottweiler, to keep her company. Bitter and alone, Hester blames her estranged sister for stealing away her one true love decades earlier. Following her sister’s death, Hester begins to plot a diabolical revenge, using black magic to place a spell on her dog, and then gifting the satanic beast to her grief-stricken niece. Soon, those closest to Hester's niece begin to die in a series of increasingly violent "accidents," as Hester seeks to kill off her surviving family. This Texas-lensed supernatural sleeper is now available in a beautiful new 2k restoration from the original 35mm interpositive.

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  • 86 min
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP