Adam Rifkin, USA, 1992, Vinegar Syndrome, Horror

Fully uncensored, director-approved 2K restoration! Outrageously gory, filled with nudity, and bitingly funny, director Adam Rifkin’s (THE DARK BACKWARD, DETROIT ROCK CITY) no-holds-barred slasher/comedy is a classic of ‘90s exploitation.

Officer 666 is back! And obviously he’s still psycho! If you've never seen PSYCHO COP, don't worry about it. Because PSYCHO COP 2 has nothing to do with the first movie, except that it also does not star Robert Z'Dar as Maniac Cop. Some 9-to-5 dude-bros throw an after hours bachelor party at their office. This involves photocopying their faces, getting dry-humped by prostitutes, and watching a 1970s stag film called THE SPONGE HEAD HUSSLE. The satanic vindicator known as Psycho Cop -- played by Bobby Ray Schafer of THE OFFICE (U.S. version)! -- does not approve of these immoral acts. This leads to a No. 2 pencil in an eye, an axe to the chest, a scene where an inbox tray gets the shit kicked out of it, and a sub-plot that relies almost entirely on the use of a fax machine. In other words, PSYCHO COP 2 RUUUUUULES!!

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  • 85 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP