Gorman Bechard, USA, 1986, What Were We Thinking Films, Horror

“Then I found out she likes grapes! I hate grapes! I can't stand grapes! I loathe grapes, all kinds of grapes. I hate green grapes, I hate purple grapes. I hate grapes with seeds I hate grapes without seeds. I hate grapes with peels. And non peels. I hate grapes in bunches, one at a time or in twos or threes. I fucking hate grapes!”

“Think THE HONEYMOON KILLERS remixed by Fred Olen Ray.” -- Ross Birks, Letterboxd

Bloody and hilarious, Gorman Bechard’s PSYCHOS IN LOVE is an absurd homegrown horror-comedy which alternates between gratuitous killing scenes and self-aware rom com parody.

Joe runs a strip club and Kate is an attractive young manicurist. After bonding over their mutual dislike of grapes, they discover another commonality: they’re both bloodthirsty serial killers. As they balance their obsession with murder and each other, they meet a cannibal who, upon discovering their bloodlust, lures them into killing as a means to satisfy his craving for human flesh!

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  • 86 min.
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • DCP