Vsevolod Plotkin, Russia, 1992, Vinegar Syndrome, Action

Barely given a release outside of Russia, RED MOB played an important role in post-USSR cinema, with much of its cast and crew continuing on to create the highly successful NIGHT WATCH films. Despite its early-’90s production, RED MOB is staunchly situated in the stylistic tropes of late-’80s action blockbusters. Helicopter dogfights, incredibly staged explosions and death-defying action sequences abound.

1992. The Soviet Union has fallen, but there remains an unholy alliance between the mob and the KGB. Afghan war veteran Oleg runs a survivalist summer camp when his son is taken hostage as retribution for his friend’s refusal to lead a smuggling caravan. With no other options to save his son, Oleg agrees to lead the caravan himself and is pitted against a siege of violence as he attempts to live to see his son again.

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  • 113 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP