Unknown, USA, 1971, AGFA + Something Weird, Cult

How can you deny the power of a film originally titled TOO MUCH LOVING?!

A scientist revives dead nude women in his basement, and commands them to obey his every sexual desire.

“A skeevy tale. Gangly-looking scientist Clark is too distracted by his latest project to pay sufficient attention to his nagging wife, who wants him to give her warm baths because she likes to pretend she can't walk (or something). As it turns out, hubby's spending all his time in the basement turning young women (maybe from corpses; it's a little unclear) into automated robot servants designed to give pleasure to anyone in sight. Various other couplings in the neighborhood culminate when wifey, hubby and her lover end up in the basement with the robot concubines, complete with a sort-of twist ending. Apparently intended to be softcore in nature, though a scene with regular early-'70s performer Billy Lane is clearly unsimulated based on a few camera slip ups.” (Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital)

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  • 54 min.
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • DCP