Sergio Martino, Italy, 1979, Shout! Factory, Horror

“An apocalyptic science fiction epic..." – Playboy

The year is 2078. The man is Alliance Commander Col. Hendrickson (a non-robo-fied Peter Weller), assigned to protect the Sirius 6B outpost from ravage and plunder at the hands of the New Economic Bloc. His state-of-the-art weaponry are known as “Screamers”: manmade killing devices programmed to eliminate all enemy life forms. Screamers travel underground, their intent to annihilate announced by piercing shrieks. They dissect their victims with sushi-like precision, then eradicate all traces of the carnage. They are lethal. Effective. Tidy. And somehow, they are mutating – self-replicating into human form – and slaughtering every beating heart on the planet…

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  • 81 min
  • Color
  • 2.35:1


  • DCP