Rufus Butler Seder, USA, 1985, Troma, Horror

“SCREAMPLAY is possibly the best Troma movie you’ve never heard of.” - James Lasome, Horrorfreak News

Edgar Allen is an aspiring screenwriter whose best attribute is his wild imagination. He imagines scenes so vividly for the murder mystery he is writing that they seem to come to life . . . and they do! As mysterious murders pile up, and the line between reality and imagination becomes more and more blurred, Edgar, who is convinced that the only way to be a real writer is to suffer, is slowly driven mad. Starring legendary underground filmmaker George Kuchar, this bizarre send-up of 1930s and '40s thrillers takes Hollywood by the throat and strangles it with campy, underground fun.

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  • 92 min
  • Color
  • 1.37:1


  • DCP