Hugh Parks & Tom Logan, USA, 1990, Shout! Factory, Horror

Did you know baboons are “the most aggressive primate?” Did you also know that when a baboon is injected with experimental serum by FRIGHT NIGHT’s Roddy McDowall, it transforms into a maximum butt-shit insane murder machine? This is the infamous SHAKMA.

Deeply tanned BLUE LAGOON star Christopher Atkins and his friends hang out after-hours in their med school building playing (what else?) a fantasy RPG, and proceed to have their throats ripped out by a psychotic lab test animal hunting them down Alien-style.  

Any major studio would find a way to simulate a primate rampage, but this indie fatality-fest uses the REAL DEAL. As one of the characters in the movie says, “Try not to brown your shorts!”

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  • 100 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP