Steve Jodrell, Australia, 1988, Umbrella Entertainment, Cult

“I'm genuinely confused why this movie isn't more widely known / talked about in the Australian film canon. Honestly, get the fuck over PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK and start showing this to high school students all over the country.” -- Jenny Valentish, The Guardian

SHAME’s affirming vision of women who reject the male gaze and begin to resist rape culture is powerful stuff...a blend of WAKE IN FRIGHT, MAD MAX and the Jodie Foster drama THE ACCUSED. There has never been a more relevant time to see SHAME than in our current era of exposing toxic masculinity. This is a film that will make you angry.

Asta (Deborra-Lee Furness), a female stranger, limps into an Outback town on a crippled motorcycle. Trapped while she waits for repairs, Asta stays at the garage of local mechanic Tim, and is unnerved by the amount of men out on the prowl for violence (or something worse) at the local pub. She soon discovers Tim's young daughter Lizzie (Simone Buchanan) is the latest victim of the local sport: gang rape. Some women are intimidated, others make excuses and the law looks the other way – but nothing ever changes.

Attacked herself, Asta is drawn into the struggle of the town's women for safety and dignity. Emboldened by her, Lizzie lays charges and all hell breaks loose. The women rise up, but resistance is never that easy or that simple...

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  • 94 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP