Herschell Gordon Lewis, USA, 1968, AGFA + Something Weird, Cult

“The script was written by Allison Louise Downe, who in addition to writing the BLOOD FEAST screenplay and starring in nudie flicks like NATURE’S PLAYMATES under the name 'Vickie Miles,' was also a former Miami probation officer!" -- Frank Henenlotter, director of BASKET CASE

The Man-Eaters, an all-girl motorcycle gang, spend their time terrorizing a local community, race each other for first pick of their male groupie "stud line," and throw raucous orgies in their clubhouse. Led by sexy but tough-as-nails Queen (Betty Connell) and big, brutal Whitey (Pat Poston), the girls initiate cute little Honeypot (Nancy Lee Noble) into the gang, then start a turf war with Joe-Boy and his group of hot rodders. Gory highlights include a man being decapitated by the gang and another man being dragged along the ground attached to the back of a female biker. Gonzo sex and violence courtesy of director H.G. Lewis and writer Allison Downe. Shot in two weeks for $50,000 and using a cast of mostly real life biker chicks, the dialogue in this film has a poetry all it's own: “Go fumigate yourself, craphead! We don't owe nobody nothin' and we don't make no deals! We're swinging chicks on motors and Man-Eaters on wheels!"

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  • 82 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP