David A. Prior, USA, 1983, Severin Films, Horror

“Bludgeons your psyche until all that remains is an unrecognizable pulp mass.”
— Stacie Ponder, FINAL GIRL

SLEDGEHAMMER is the first shot-on-video horror movie ever made for the home video market . . . and so much more. Ted Prior (DEADLY PREY) leads a cast of self-loathing party animals who face off against a shape-shifting, flannel-wearing, dimension-crossing spectre with a penchant for blunt object trauma. By the end, brains, bowels and Budweiser are smeared across every inch of the empty condo walls. Helmed by late writer-director David A. Prior (KILLER WORKOUT), this is a rewardingly lethal collision of ‘80s slasher video-vomit, slow motion abuse, and unintentional surrealist art. If you survive SLEDGEHAMMER, you’ll never, ever forget it.

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  • 87 mins
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • DCP