Roger Donaldson, New Zealand, 1981, Arrow Films, Arthouse

“Step by step, this powerful movie takes a man from perfect happiness into a personal hell.” -- Roger Ebert

Playing out as a way darker, more haunting take on KRAMER VS. KRAMER, SMASH PALACE offers a brilliant, vividly messy portrait of masculinity in crisis. This intense film is driven by an intense lead performance from Bruno Lawrence, star of ‘80s Kiwi post-apocalypse classic THE QUIET EARTH.

“She’s my daughter and I’ll do what I like!” The life of Al Shaw revolves around motor racing and his backwoods junkyard: the “Smash Palace”. His French wife really doesn’t appreciate the lack of attention; when Al finds her with another man, he takes his daughter Georgie and heads for the bush, desperately hoping to cling to the only family he has left…

Directed by Roger Donaldson, who’d later helm the Tom Cruise vehicle COCKTAIL and the gross-out horror thriller SPECIES.

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  • 108 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP