Brian Damude, Canada, 1975, Vinegar Syndrome, Action

Americans know more about Russia then they do about Canada. That’s a shame for film fans, as Canada has produced an epic amount of unique, vastly underseen movie gems that would wow you.

One of the tautest cat-and-mouse thrillers AGFA’s seen in ages, SUDDEN FURY is a big favorite of ours from the Canadian genre canon. Vinegar Syndrome’s new restoration wowed the crowd at Fantastic Fest 2018; now’s your chance to give your audience an impeccable big-screen thrill ride that’ll leave them discussing the film for weeks afterwards.

“On the rocks and on the open road of rural Ontario, a crummy husband and his weary wife careen off a bridge when a petty squabble accelerates into a revelation of infidelity. Both survive, but when the husband discovers his wife’s critical condition, he leaves her to die in a ploy to collect an insurance payout. His cruel intentions are complicated when a good samaritan happens by the accident and offers to help. What ensues is a wickedly unpredictable thriller evoking the Coen Brothers’ BLOOD SIMPLE as it confidently crackles towards its nerve-shredding climax.” (Peter Kuplowsky, Fantastic Fest)

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  • 92 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP