Barbara Peeters, USA, 1975, Shout! Factory, Cult

“Boasting a snappy script and highly strung performances.” - Sex Gore Mutants

This ribald rampager from director Barbara Peeters (HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP) follows three Idaho gals headed to teach at Regency High in Southern California, where they have three interwoven adventures: gym teacher Conklin T. (Candice Rialson of HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD) battles hyper-macho coach Sam Johns (Dick Miller of almost every great movie of the ‘70s and ‘80s) to start a girls' football team; chemistry teacher Denise Carter (Rhonda Leigh Hopkins) seeks to clear the name of a misunderstood juvie; and photography teacher Sally Hansen (Pat Anderson) gets involved with a pornographer. It all comes to a head at the big football game, which becomes an all-out brawl as various protest groups and do-gooders clash for liberation!