Rene Martinez, Jr., USA, 1978, AGFA, Cult

“The best thing to ever come out of Florida.”
— Laird Jimenez, LETTERBOXD

Part lo-fi crime caper, part sci-fi weirdness and all hilarious, SUPERSOUL BROTHER is the prime vehicle from Chitlin’ Circuit wunderkind (and Rudy Ray Moore pal) “Wildman” Steve Gallon. Shot in Miami for pennies, this lunatic odyssey starts with little-person-mad-scientist Dr. Dippy helping the mob develop a formula that makes users super-strong, bulletproof — and, after two days — super-dead. Obviously, it's hard to get sensible volunteers to sign up for this treatment. So, the mobsters experiment on the nearest wino, who happens to have a taste for chaos and ridiculous one-liners. The cracked perfection of SUPERSOUL BROTHER all comes from “Wildman” Steve, whose stoned delivery turns even the goofiest dirty jokes into gut-busting showstoppers.

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  • 80 mins
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP