Scott McGehee & David Siegel, USA, 1993, Arrow Films, Arthouse

4K RESTORATION! Winner of Sundance's Cinematography award, and a Cannes’ Un Certain Regard selection.

Inspired by the paranoid visions of John Frankenheimer’s SECONDS and THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, the desert noir of DETOUR and the widescreen beauty of Hiroshi Teshigahara’s WOMAN OF THE DUNES, SUTURE is one of the Nineties’ most outstanding neo-noirs.

The wealthy and self-assured Vincent (Michael Harris) meets his blue-collar half-brother Clay (Dennis Haysbert) at their father’s funeral, and is struck by their similarity. He decides to murder Clay and take his identity -- only Clay survives the assassination attempt with no memory and is mistaken for Vincent. The fact that Harris is white and Haysbert is black adds even more layers to a complex film that probes the very nature of identity.

“SUTURE contains every element I crave in a film: a strange/surreal premise, gorgeous black and white cinematography, uncanny nightmare sequences, neo-noir suspense, and just the right amount of ambiguity.” -- J_Jerome, Letterboxd

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  • 96 mins
  • B/W
  • 2.35:1


  • DCP