Hong Sang-soo, Korea, 2005, Arrow Films, Arthouse

“Hong delineates character with the lightest of strokes...his extremely long, serene takes provide well-defined time and space for the vast emotional shifts of tiny moments to register. He poses bodies with a natural, yet balletic equipoise...rarely have intimate love scenes been so bluntly physical yet so dramatically precise.” -- The New Yorker

Hong Sang-soo is one of Korea’s most distinguished arthouse filmmakers on the international stage, with his works screening regularly at Cannes, Berline, Venice and Locarno. He’s often been favorably compared to that great French observer of human foibles, Eric Rohmer.

His sixth feature, TALE OF CINEMA, uses a multilayered film-within-a-film to tell two stories: that of a depressive young man who forms a suicide pact with a friend...and that of a filmmaker who sees a film he believes was based on his life, and who meets its lead actress in a collision of fantasy and reality.

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  • 89 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP