TC 2000

T.J. Scott, USA, 1993, Troma, Action

In the near future, a catastrophic environmental event has forced the rich to live in underground facilities while the poor struggle to survive on the surface. Jason Storm (Billy Blanks, BLOODFIST) is part of an elite group of guards known as TCs (Tracker Communicators) that are tasked with protecting the underground. But, when a group of criminals led by Niki Picasso (Jalal Merhi, TIGER CLAWS) infiltrate the underground and attempt to kill Storm's partner Zoey (Bobbie Phillips, BACK IN ACTION), Storm soon learns about an experimental program to turn the TCs into cyborgs. Teaming up with a freedom fighter from the surface named Master Sumai (Bolo Yeung, ENTER THE DRAGON) Storm must stop Picasso and uncover who is behind a conspiracy to wipe out all the remaining people living aboveground.

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  • 93 mins.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • 4K DCP