Olaf Ittenbach, Germany, 1992, Severin Films, Horror


“Believe the hype! One of the goriest, nastiest and angriest horror films ever shot.” -- Twitch Film

“The most lethally fucked-up dose of depravity you will ever experience” -- Severin Films

“The cinematic equivalent of humping gravestones after midnight on meth.” -- Vice

“As much splatter as humanly possible in just over an hour and a half.” -- Mondo Digital

“If Peckinpah and Fulci ever had a crack baby that picked up a camcorder, this would be the result.” -- Oh, The Horror!

“It will rip your dick off and shit on it.” -- AGFA HQ

“Reaches unparalleled heights of practical effects savagery...Sound good?” -- DVD Talk

“German filmmaker Olaf Ittenbach didn’t just make The Burning Moon, he got away with it. It’s the sort of film makes you want to call the police. Shot on VHS, this is the sick tale of a demented teen telling his little sister bedtime stories, but they are completely unacceptable for children or even adults of any age. Detailing detestable murders...[Ittenbach’s opus] concludes with a shocking descent into one of the most gruesome movie depictions of Hell ever conceived. It doesn’t belong in your home video library, it belongs in an evidence locker. But there’s a market for that sort of thing…” (William Babbiani, CraveOnline)

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  • 86 mins
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • Digital