Herschell Gordon Lewis, USA, 1967, AGFA + Something Weird, Horror

A macabre blend of humor and horror, THE GRUESOME TWOSOME is another berserk epic from genre film maverick Herschell Gordon Lewis (THE GORE GORE GIRLS, SOMETHING WEIRD). It also has one of the strangest openings of any horror film: two styrofoam wig heads with cartoon faces amiably chat about the upcoming plot, until one of them abruptly gets stabbed. Wow.

The young women of a small-town American college have more than just split-ends to worry about. Down at the Little Wig Shop, the batty Mrs. Pringle and her socially inept son Rodney procure only the finest heads of hair -- by scalping the local co-eds! Can they be stopped before they clear the entire campus of luxuriant-haired ladies?

“There's always a danger when filmmakers become self aware and try to do camp/comedy intentionally (have you seen Tommy Wiseau's THE NEIGHBORS?). Thankfully, H.G. Lewis "being funny" is just as odd and charming as "not funny on purpose" Lewis.” -- Laird Jimenez, Letterboxd

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  • 72 min.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP