Cliff Roquemore, USA, 1976, Xenon Pictures, Cult

As the poster says: “Nerve-shattering . . . Brain-battering . . . Mind-splattering . . . A ONE MAN DISASTER!” Rudy Ray Moore’s first DOLEMITE sequel foreshadows the stunning leap into surrealism his subsequent films DISCO GODFATHER and PETEY WHEATSTRAW would take.

Dolemite is back and badder than ever, returning to L.A. to discover Queen Bee’s club has been taken over by mobsters. Plus, they’ve kidnapped two of Queen Bee’s top girls! With the law hot on his tail, Dolemite rounds up the baaaaadest kung-fu-fighters in town, culminating in one of the craziest surprise endings in all of blaxploitation.

“I’ve seen plenty of non-movies in my time, films that abandon mainstream constraints in favor of a visually ejaculatory pastiche...What I’ve never seen is several non-films crammed into one singular non-film. THE HUMAN TORNADO plays out less like a movie and more like a variety show, featuring extended sequences of Broadway dancers, lounge singers, comedians, and Central American nunchuckers; no part of that sentence is a joke.” (Brian Salisbury, Film School Rejects)

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  • 96 mins
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP