Michael Rubbo, Canada, 1985, Severin Films, Cult

“I want to live in a world where STRANGER THINGS stole from this kids on bikes 1980s wino-head-wound instead of GOONIES.”
— Patrick Pryor, LETTERBOXD

Exploring the remains of a burned-out building, 11-year-old Michael experiences “The Fright,” a ghostly scare that causes him to lose all his hair! Friendly ghosts (aka homeless squatters who fell victim to the fire) raid Michael's fridge and offer up a recipe to cure his hairlessness. Problem is, the peanut butter solution works too well, and soon Michael looks like Cousin It and is removed from school until he can sort out his distracting hair.

Produced as the second film in Quebecois producer Rock Demers' TALES FOR ALL series, THE PEANUT BUTTER SOLUTION was only seen in the US on the Disney Channel or VHS. Notorious for being one of the strangest children's films ever made, this movie features a young child taking on motherly duties, homeless people facing tragic death, child trafficking, and a disturbing pubic hair subplot . . . you know, kid's stuff! These elements combine with a horror/fantasy premise, music from a then-unknown Celine Dion, and prominent ad placement from Skippy peanut butter, resulting in a recipe far weirder than what young Michael applies to his scalp.

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  • 93 mins.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP