Nico Mastorakis, USA, 1986, Arrow Films, Horror

“If genre cycles have roughly three phases -- passing from sincerity, to imitation, to parody -- then THE ZERO BOYS, released in 1986, is a key film for charting the progression from Phase Two to Phase Three within the slasher cycle that runs from roughly 1978 beginning with HALLOWEEN, to 1996, ending with SCREAM.” (Clayton Dillard, Slant)

THE ZERO BOYS mixes action, survival and all-out slasher elements in a thrilling horror yarn that falls somewhere between FRIDAY THE 13TH and DELIVERANCE! For a group of young friends, a weekend of wilderness survival games turns into a genuine battle of life and death when one of their number turns up dead. Now hunted by a band of bloodthirsty maniacs intent on slaughtering them one-by-one, the self-styled “Zero Boys” must now play their war games for real.

From cult director Nico Mastorakis: the man behind such eclectic offerings as the controversial ISLAND OF DEATH and the Oliver Reed-starring actioner HIRED TO KILL. Starring Kelli Maroney (NIGHT OF THE COMET, CHOPPING MALL) and featuring an early score from the legendary Hans Zimmer (INCEPTION, TRUE ROMANCE).

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  • 89 mins
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP