Mick Jackson, U.K., 1984, Severin Films, Arthouse

“The most terrifying and honest portrayal of nuclear war ever filmed.” -- The Guardian

“Unsettlingly powerful.” -- New York Times

“Realistic, terrifying and brilliantly conceived, THREADS is guaranteed to give you nightmares.” -- New York Daily News

“One of the most stark political statements ever made. It is as pertinent as ever.” --

Upon its 1984 premiere at the height of global nuclear tension, THREADS shocked the entirety of the BBC's viewership. Months later, it became the most-watched cable program in American history.

Exactingly directed by Mick Jackson (VOLCANO) from a screenplay by Barry Hines (Ken Loach's KES), this graphic docudrama depicts the unraveling of society after the working-class city of Sheffield, UK undergoes nuclear attack. With talk of nuclear conflict back in the news, the time is now for audiences with fortitude to experience and absorb this shattering vision on the big screen.

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  • 112 min.
  • Color
  • 1.33:1


  • DCP