Powell Robinson & Patrick Robert Young, USA, 2020, Arrow Films, Cult

When a phone call brings Leo back into contact with his sister, Virginia, long estranged from her family due to years of drug abuse, he arrives to find her alone in a bare apartment in the midst of an apparent overdose. Virginia insists that she has been clean for 8 months due to the help of a mysterious group. She explains that her edginess and paranoia actually stem from a sinister ritual conducted by the group that took her in at her lowest and eventually revealed themselves to be a cult. The second feature from co-directors Powell Robinson and Patrick Young, THRESHOLD was improvised and shot on two iPhones over the course of a 12-day road trip with a crew of just three. The result is an inventive and compelling psychological thriller with hints of the supernatural that recalls such indie cult classics as Ben Wheatley’s KILL LIST and Justin Benson And Aaron Moorhead’s RESOLUTION.

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  • 78 mins.
  • Color
  • 1.85:1


  • DCP