Month: August 2019

DOLEMITE is his name: The films of Rudy Ray Moore.

With the upcoming release of Netflix’s DOLEMITE IS MY NAME, the Rudy Ray Moore biopic starring Eddie Murphy, it’s the perfect time for new audiences to discover the real thing. In partnership with Vinegar Syndrome and Xenon Pictures, AGFA is honored to offer sparkling DCPs of Rudy Ray Moore’s legendary filmography, including DOLEMITE — the… Read more »

Can’t book DIE HARD or ALIENS? Check out AGFA’s foxy alternatives.

It has recently come to our attention that some of the most beloved genre movies in history are no longer available for theatrical bookings. That’s a bummer. But you know what isn’t a bummer? AGFA’s foxy alternatives! Below, you’ll find twenty suggestions from our ever-growing catalog that are guaranteed to reaffirm your audience’s faith in… Read more »