Month: May 2020

AGFA announces the preservation of Something Weird S-VHS master tapes

Why preserve Something Weird S-VHS masters? Obviously, because it’s fun. But these tapes are also historically important. In the 1990s, Something Weird revolutionized the home video landscape by unleashing thousands of outlaw exploitation films on VHS. To this day, some of these mega-rare tapes include the best-available versions of movies that have fallen into a… Read more »

Preparing to reopen your theater? The AGFA team can help.

We continue to live in surreal times. But we will make it through this. And when it’s all over, our film communities will be stronger and more united than ever. When you’re ready to reopen your theater, every title in AGFA’s DCP theatrical catalog will be available for $150 per week, and rights-only screenings will… Read more »