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AGFA Videodreams: Take a late-nite voyage to other worlds

AGFA Videodreams is a new series of tape-sourced preservations for late-nite voyages to other worlds. Curated from the depths of the AGFA staff’s personal collections and only available in theaters, DCPs of these outlaw gems are now available for bookings at a discounted rate. Check out the first wave below and book today! 3 DEV… Read more »

AGFA and Troma Entertainment announce theatrical distribution partnership

The American Genre Film Archive, the largest non-profit genre film archive and distributor in the world, is excited to announce a theatrical partnership with Troma Entertainment, the legendary 47-year-old independent movie studio and home of THE TOXIC AVENGER. World famous for “Movies of the Future,” many of Troma’s classics were written and directed by Troma… Read more »

AGFA and Shout! Factory announce theatrical distribution of Werner Herzog’s films and more

The American Genre Film Archive, the largest non-profit genre film archive and distributor in the world, is excited to announce new additions to their ongoing theatrical partnership with Shout! Factory, a multi-platform media company. AGFA will distribute 16 restorations from incomparable filmmaker Werner Herzog — as well as 75 additional titles from Shout! Factory’s cult… Read more »

AGFADROME: A virtual fundraising telethon

Join us on Saturday, 4/3, for AGFADROME — a virtual fundraising telethon unlike any other virtual fundraising telethon. For this special event, each AGFA team member will curate and host a block of unmissable film programming from the AGFA vaults. From unhinged deep cuts to recent restorations, from sneak peeks at future Blu-ray and theatrical… Read more »

The AGFA team still needs your help.

As the world’s only 501(c)(3) non-profit genre film archive and distributor, the AGFA team continues to face challenges in the face of COVID-19. Theater closures over the past six months have wiped out two-thirds of the revenue that we rely on to sustain ourselves and fulfill our mission. But we’re staying strong. As bookings trickle… Read more »

AGFA announces the preservation of Something Weird S-VHS master tapes

Why preserve Something Weird S-VHS masters? Obviously, because it’s fun. But these tapes are also historically important. In the 1990s, Something Weird revolutionized the home video landscape by unleashing thousands of outlaw exploitation films on VHS. To this day, some of these mega-rare tapes include the best-available versions of movies that have fallen into a… Read more »

Preparing to reopen your theater? The AGFA team can help.

We continue to live in surreal times. But we will make it through this. And when it’s all over, our film communities will be stronger and more united than ever. When you’re ready to reopen your theater, every title in AGFA’s DCP theatrical catalog will be available for $150 per week, and rights-only screenings will… Read more »

The AGFA team needs your help.

We’re living in wild times. We will make it through this. And when we reach the other side of it, we’ll be stronger and more inspired than ever. In the meantime, the AGFA team needs your help. AGFA is the only 501(c)(3) non-profit genre film archive and distributor in the world. As theaters temporarily close… Read more »

EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE!: The future is found.

Everything is Terrible! is the video and performance collective that’s responsible for some of the Internet’s most hilarious and bizarre videos. With full-length features like DOGGIEWOGGIEZ! POOCHIEWOOCHIEZ! (a remake of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s THE HOLY MOUNTAIN utilizing nothing but footage of dogs), EIT! has transformed the concept of found footage into an art form. AGFA is… Read more »